Jorge Luccas

An emerging artist that brings joy and freedom through his artworks.

Jorge Luccas is a Portuguese Artist and Designer, based in London.  He dedicates his time to exploring human nature and questioning the illusional notion of humanity.

The core of his art is to create avatars of real people, which express their thoughts, feelings, emotions and even actions in the world.  They’re amalgamations of both the inner self and also wider blights on society.

Jorge’s ethos is to question the notion of freedom and humanity through his art.  His paintings are akin to marionette puppets, whose strings burn his hands as conformity tries to pull them from him.

With an immediately recognisable half-human paintings, Jorge is able to criticise society and force a true understanding of blind acceptance.

And marrying an unwavering dedication to his viewpoint and through a unique and standalone style, the artist delivers a new perspective on life through his work.