July 22nd 2020 / Book Launch

The Thing About Artists – Book

The book ‘The Thing About Artists’ is a fascinating peek into the world of forty-eight urban and fine artists coming out of London and Essex over the last few decades. This book was created by the artists Brenan and Burch.

April 17th – May 17th 2021 / Group Show

‘Save the Street’ Group Show – Secret Art Gallery

‘Save the Street’ is Group Show with the aim of raising attention to London’s street art culture and to capture its current situation.

The event takes places at Secret Art Gallery which includes original artworks, limited edition prints and art performances.

June 7th 2020 / Online Art Performance

Memories – Resonances, 3rd Edition

Résonances is a series of online immersive performances where artists from different backgrounds come together to deliver an improvised and unique artistic experience.

Theme: Memories

June 3rd 2020 / Mural

Jorge Luccas x Daniel Regalo – Street Art Mural 

The JOY Mural was a collaboration between Jorge Luccas and the artist Daniel Regalo during the first lockdown in London (Old Compton Street). The subject was based on the word “JOY” with the purpose of lifting the people’s spirits, spreading positivity and hapiness.

May 3rd 2020 / Online Art Performance

The Art of Resilience – Resonances, 2nd Edition

Résonances is a series of online immersive performances where artists from different backgrounds come together to deliver an improvised and unique artistic experience.

Theme: The Art of Resilience

March 6th 2020 / Pop Up Show

Commuters Pop Up Show – Diba Art London

Pop up show at Diba Art London, featuring the collection “Commuters”.

From January 24th  to January 26th 2020 / Mural

Commuters Mural – Arte Fiera 2020

The Commuters wallcovering designed for the brand Baboon was selected to be used as a mural for Arte Fiera’s VIP area.

From December 14th to December 15th 2019 / Group Show

Art Show and Open House – Otomys Contemporary and Surveyor’s House

Otomys Contemporary in collaboration with Simon Hamilton Creative organized a Festive Art Show and Open House in Tetbury, featuring the artists Jorge Luccas & Tania Rowlings.

November 19th 2019 / Solo Show

Commuters – Private Art-in-House Solo Show

Jorge Luccas had a private solo show in the intimate setting of residencial home where he revealed his latest collection Commuters.

From September 16th to November 2nd 2019 / Group Show

The End is Nigh – Group Show at the Library Members Club

The group show was organised around its reaction to art and existence and aimed to create an ideal place for experimentation an dialogue continuing

The show was organised by Outside the Zone Gallery and curated by Eduardo da Costa.


From September 19th to September 22nd 2019 / Wallpaper

Wallpaper Collection – BABOON

Jorge Luccas was part of the group the artists/ designers who designed the wallpaper collection 2019 for the lifestyle brand BABOON.

The new catalogue was launched at Design Junction during London Design Fair 2019 in the Elle Decoration Cafe designed by Matteo Bianchi Studio.

Jorge Luccas launched the collection “Commuters” in three colour variations, inspired by his recent works where he explores how intrinsic and fundamental is commuting for society.

From May 18th to July 12th 2019 / Mural

Mural in Shoreditch – Outside the Zone Gallery

Jorge Luccas was invited by Outside the Zone to create a mural on a billboard in Kingsland Road/ Shoreditch with the purpose of bringing fine art to the streets.

The artist spent two days in one of the busiest streets of the area to accomplish the biggest work that he has done so far, Commuters No. 3.


From May 3rd to May 5th 2019 / Group Show

Group Show at Htown Studio – Creative Community by Layers

The Creative Community was a Group Show sponsored by the Mayor of London’s Culture Seeds and Organized by LAYERS, where 15 artists showcased their art via painting, photography and literature.

The aim of this project was to introducearts to young people with little to no access to these creative industries.


From September 14th to September 16th 2018 / Solo Show

Peckham Festival – Open Studios

The artist Jorge Luccas exhibited his new collection of artworks at Matteo Bianchi Studio during  Peckham Festival – Open Studios, an hyper-local festival with a single aim of celebrating creative and cultural Peckham.

Created in 2016 the Festival runs over 200 events over a single weekend; from performances, films, workshops, walks and talks, to art activities and exhibitions.