Jorge Luccas

An emerging Visual Artist with the mission of bringing joy and freedom through his artworks.

Jorge Luccas is a Visual Artist who dedicates his time exploring the value of the word “Joy” and questioning our illusional notion of humanity.

His artworks are portraits of society, capturing their essence as human beings in an absolute state of happiness and harmony, defined by the artist as “State of Joy”. The compositions are a celebration of life, a parade of happiness, a carnival of emotions where we reveal ourselves masquerades as puppets in affirmation for freedom and fulfillment. His mission is to use art as an outlet to show how the state of permanent Joy has the power to change and improve people’s behaviour and lifestyle by simply rediscovering their unique and genuine identity.

Born in Portugal in 1990 and growing up in the region of Benavente with his parents and younger sister, he was always a shy small town boy. Preferring to stay at home and enjoy the quiet countryside solitude instead of playing with other kids, he created his own world of inner calm and contentment.

His father was the first person to encourage his artistic streak, by showing him how to draw a bicycle when he was 4. At this young age, he recalls this first sparked his passion for drawing and creativity. It’s clear to see the influence of a childhood watching cartoons which has been beautifully translated into his playful characters with huge personalities.

Jorge Luccas struggled at school as he was unable to express himself except through his art. The idea of being a successful artist was quickly smashed by everyone around him, as he was taught it could only be a path to failure, unemployment and poverty. To find more academic pursuits, he studied sciences, but his school performance nosedived to rock bottom. Unhappier than ever, he changed schools and reviewed his options. Deciding to compromise but also play safe, he pursued something more technical with some minor artistic elements. This was the start of his long and thorough research for a career in design and architecture.

By 2010 he started his Design Degree at Évora University, specializing in Product Design. Graduating in 2013, he realised there was still something artistically missing.

Job opportunities were scarce in Portugal due to the financial crash, so feeling desperate after a year of searching for work, he took the brave decision to move to another country. London was the obvious choice as it wasn’t far from Portugal and is a world city for creativity and opportunity. With all the money he had, just £2000, Jorge Luccas set off with a one-way plane ticket. Arriving in London was a shock and half his money was spent after just 3 weeks of horrendous hostels and no job. Grasping his situation, he finally found work as a waiter and put up with this for several months. Although he knew it wasn’t his destiny. Making ends meet was the goal. Whilst working he researched opportunities that would lead him to a more creative future. Doing a few short-courses he was able to find the one to suit his skills. Whilst working in the restaurant he took a course in 3D printing at Cass, London Metropolitan University. He finally quit the waiter job after a year and he found an internship in design. Unpaid like most of them, but he was hungry and willing to get his first design job experience at any cost. However, he ended up being exploited and doing everything but design.

He quit after a month and started looking for other courses and job opportunities. He started applying again and suddenly understood the market was asking for a lot of interior designers, so he thought that he probably could do this and became interested to know more about this sector. Open to challenges and ready to expand his knowledge to different design areas, he finally found a course which had excellent reviews at Chelsea College of Arts, so he applied. The course was very expensive and it would take him 12 months if he was going to complete the three modules. He decided to take a part-time job in a coffee shop to sustain himself during the year. Once again, he invested all the money he had. Working extra hours whenever he could, he was determined to be the best to get a job.

There were several artists at the University, and every time that he passed by the studios he was fascinated with the artworks, the paint, the smell and all the freedom around the art world. It literally made his heart beat faster without understanding why. He continued to work long hours, but with another 4 months of the course still to go, he was running out of time. His Course Tutor Lyndall Fernie, recognised his dedication and passion so suggested he meet an ex-Chelsea student who had established his own Interior Design practice and looking to take on an intern. Meeting Matteo Bianchi was a turning point and Jorge Luccas started his internship in 2016. Three months later he had become a Junior Designer. Working for the studio on Interior and Product design projects gave him a fresh perspective and energy. By 2017, he really started to feel that art was not just a hobby but something very special and unique.

He had new inspiration for his work which became more expressive and experimental. This was illustrated in his first exhibition in January 2018 in an art café in Fulham and he decided to never block the artist inside of him ever again.