From September 14th to September 16th 2018 / Exhibition

Peckham Festival – Open Studios

The artist J. Luccas exhibited his new collection of artworks at Matteo Bianchi Studio during  Peckham Festival – Open Studios, an hyper-local festival with a single aim of celebrating creative and cultural Peckham.

Created in 2016 the Festival runs over 200 events over a single weekend; from performances, films, workshops, walks and talks, to art activities and exhibitions.

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From January 13th to February 21st 2018 / Exhibition

Solo Exhibition at Gianluca’s Coffee Cult Art Gallery

J. Luccas Exhibition is taking place at Gianluca’s Coffee Cult Art Gallery in FulhamThe space is an exhibition platform offering emerging and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a cafe art gallery located in a vibrant and dynamic area of London. The gallery is open to both international and UK based artists from a wide range of artistic backgrounds.

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October 29th, 2017 / Film

Cast & Crew Screening of Retribution at Soho House

The short film Retribution had its screening at Soho House and the artist J. Luccas was invited as part of the creative team.
Produced by Daniel Stisen and directed by Nick Wall, this project was nominated for the “best foreign short film” at the Norwegian Film Festival 2017 and for best trailer at TMFF Dec 2017.

November 21, 2016 / Film

Creative support for the short film Retribution

Exciting and challenging, those are the words described by J.Luccas who was part of the creative team for the short film Retribution.

This film full of action is based on a story about a man that has no memory or purpose in life, who finds himself following a bloody trail that leads back to his real identity.